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Gigliotti's Smartdrinx System - The smart way to indulge your guests

Customized Guest Experience

With more choice of hot and cold drinks than ever before and loaded with features guests will love, SmartDrinx brings a customized experience that guests will want to return to again and again!.
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Increased In-Room Revenue

SmartDrinx is an ideal marketing and advertising platform for brand positioning with its captive audience and interactive features, further increasing revenue opportunities in the hotel room.
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Hassle-Free System

Our fully automated management / monitoring system means no more daily checking, restocking or billing errors. Our tamper proof units eliminate theft potential.

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A wider choice of cool refreshing beverages and hot drinks on demand

Smartdrinx offers 21st century hassle-free hospitality

Dynamic Real-Time Live Data

Instantly view sales and profit information, displayed in graph format, for complete system control

Unique Time-Saving Features with the SmartDrinx Hotel Dashboard

  •   Real time live data on the status of each unit
  •   Up to the minute sales data and usage statistics
  •   Stock levels & automated restocking
  •   Product and price control across the entire system
  •   Calculates effective stock permutations
  •   Ability to control sales, advertise and promote products

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Soft Drinks
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New Revenue Generating Opportunities and Increased Guest Choice

By understanding our guests we can motivate them to make choices which increase short term cross-sell revenue and guest satisfaction.

Explore the features of Smartdrinx

More choice at your fingertips

Touchscreen control panel and additional tablet with each SmartDrinx unit.

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SmartDrinx Unique Features

Hassle-free features with a focus on benefits for hospitality staff.
A paradigm shift in hospitality innovation!

Inbuilt touchscreen + tablet
with versatile control App

The fully loaded Smartdrinx control tablet enables fast, touch screen control of your Smartdrinx. The parental lock feature that requires a coded input before dispensing alcohol. The tablet comes loaded with an electronic version of "The Complete Cocktail Maker".

More Choice at Your Fingertips

Multiples of up to 60 different beverages at the touch of a button

Soft Drinks, Cocktails, Spirits, Wine

Whatever your guest's choice Smartdrinx can dispense any beverage chilled, with ice, or slushed ice.

Hot Beverage Option

Coffee and Hot Chocolate on tap!

Gigliotti's support desk´s proactively monitors 24/7 via our control desk App

The Gigliotti Support team proactively monitors and supports 24/7 for faults or alerts.
Real time chat facility with Gigliotti Support Team by tapping Helpdesk icon:

This is a support forum for Gigliotti Smartdrinx customers.

This forum is monitored by Gigliotti Support. We would love to hear your feedback! Feel free to use this forum as a free exchange of information between users.

Amazingly Simple Use

Simply start a new thread, or add your comments to an existing one.

Your questions answered

Our team will monitor daily to ensure your questions are answered.

Smartdrinx Station Parental lock System

The unique Smartdrinx Parental Lock System prevents the dispensing of alcohol to underage children. A password and/or code number is required to allow alcohol to be dispensed.

Available for Smartdrinx Hospitality and Smartdrinx Home models

The Parental Lock System is programmed into the Smartdrinx System App on every control tablet, delivered with all Smartdrinx models.

A paradigm shift in hospitality innovation

SmartDrinx creates a unique, interactive guest experience,
enhancing the guest's stay while generating significant in-room revenue.

Harnessing the latest in IoT technology, SmartDrinx creates a paradigm shift in hospitality innovation.

The SmartDrinx System



Hotel Benefits

  • $200 Free Product
  • In-room revenue generator
  • Free control tablet supplied
  • IoT system
  • Automated re-ordering of stock
  • Minimal cleaning/maintenance intervals
  • Minimal restocking intervals
  • Captive audience - marketing platform
  • Tamper proof system with smart lock security


Guest Benefits

  • More product choices
  • Hot and cold drinks on tap
  • Interactive features
  • Voice recognition/activation
  • Proximity sensor
  • Child friendly
  • Soft drink only option
  • Customized guest experience
  • Easy billing

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What the hospitality industry says

Find out what people say about Gigliotti's Smartdrinx System

SmartDrinx brings a whole new and innovative dimension to the guest experience, while at the same time lightening the hotel management workload and reducing costs...



Michael Vastardis

Michael VastardisLeading Hospitality Consultant & CEO @ Hospitality Xperts LLP

I have met with the team from Gigliotti a number of times and I love the innovative idea of the Smartdrinx system. Their enthusiasm for this product is infectious and I wish them every success in this venture...



Seamus Leahy

Seamus LeahyMarketing Director @ Fota Island Resort

It's about time someone came up with this idea to revolutionise the minibar, increase customer choice and enhance revenue in hotel rooms. I look forward to seeing the Smartdrinx System in action!



Michael Vaughan

Michael VaughanHotelier, Past President Irish Hotels Federation