GIGLIOTTI Smartdrinx Station Dashboard

Welcome to The Hotel Dashboard Simulation.


The Gigliotti.Co Drinks Station Hotel dashboard control system

The dashboard control system displays information relating to all Smartdrinx Stations within the hotel.
It reports statistics on product sales by volume, value and product brand, presented as global figures.
It permits selection of alternative products, editing product pricing, editing of stock orders, and viewing product supply invoices.
There is the ability to “drill down” to individual machines and view the Drinks Station’s current status, and stock levels.
A traffic light system is incorporated indicating the current status of each Gigliotti.Co Drinks Station; should a machine fail, or require servicing, an orange or green light is displayed. A servicing email alert is sent to Gigliotti.Co enabling immediate corrective measures.

The Gigliotti.Co Drinks Station Control App

The App used on each tablet PC to control each Gigliotti.Co Drinks Station and dispense drinks.

Other potential uses of The Gigliotti.Co Drinks Station Control App

The App front end may be used for a myriad of hotel guest utilities, information and services such as: